Holding Hands in the Intersection

Today I learned of a Kingdom assignment that resulted in a lot of people being blessed with a coat just before this recent cold snap hit our area.  The story is making its way to my blog because of the people God used to accomplish His will and their relationship to me.

We left our church of 15 years nearly 18 months ago to embark on a journey God had for our family.  There have been many ups and downs, tears and triumphs during this time.  When we left, a piece of my heart stayed behind.  I guess that is the way with life’s journey.  I am thankful that leaving to worship in a new church did not mean leaving friendships behind.  I find myself praying for my old church family often.  The truth is, they hold a very special place in my heart and will always be family to me no matter where we worship on Sunday mornings and God has blessed me with continued times of connection and worship with them.

Fast forward…

I was meeting for a bible study with a new friend from our current place of worship this morning and she had a story to share with me.  She works with someone from my old church and couldn’t wait to share what God was doing.  God had placed a desire on this ladies heart to collect coats for the homeless.  It’s my understanding that she had hoped to collect 70 coats.  Well, that number turned out to be over 200 thanks to the generosity of my old church family.  Did I mentioned they are a very generous bunch of peeps?  This lady wanted to make sure these coats went directly to the homeless instead of to a storefront somewhere to raise money for the homeless, so she asked my friend if she knew of a place.  She had grown up in Fort Worth and was familiar with a Mission that works directly with the homeless that would be glad to receive the coats.  It came time to take them over and all the arrangements that had been made began to fall apart.  My friend was aware of the cold front on its way and offered to take the coats herself.

Did you see it?  Did you see all the blessings in that one Kingdom assignment?  Did you see how God used different parts of His Kingdom to bless?  Did you see how God operated outside the brick and mortar of just one group of His kids?  Did you see my two worlds hold hands and love others?  I LOVE that!

Lord, thank you for the generosity of my old church family.  Thank you for the way you continue to love others and me thru them.  Thank you for placing a call on the hearts of everyone involved to give to others who had no other way to stay warm.  Thank you for providing for their needs.  Thank you for blessing this heart as I watched people I love who don’t even know each other accomplish your Kingdom purposes together.  Thank you for working outside our man-made walls!  Thank you for intersections!


One thought on “Holding Hands in the Intersection

  1. G says:

    That is a beautiful story of LOVE at work!

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