Blinded by the Past

I started to Haiku again tonight. My bloggy peeps seem to like it when I’m feeling a bit poetic. But, tonight the poetry seemed to come out a bit darker than I care for on a Saturday evening. Well, any evening really. I’ve allowed my mind to spend a good deal of the day in the past. No, I wasn’t thinking about sad memories gone by. I was actually thinking on wonderful memories gone by. Those should make me happy, right? Well, they do, but then something happens and I get stuck in a bunch of what ifs for the future. I go places I can’t see yet and make up stories that aren’t real.


Why would I not just trust the God that has orchestrated all those happy memories to orchestrate more, better ones than the ones He’s already done. He is changing us from glory to glory, right? So why wouldn’t that include people and places and circumstances that have yet to unfold? Why wouldn’t that involve the people I know and love today and ones I’ve yet to meet?

I know I am in a place in time that looks nothing like the days gone by. I know my children are growing up in a culture that looks nothing like the one I grew up in. I know no one’s journey is meant to mirror anyone else’s, so why would I assume my children’s would mirror mine. Why would I want it to? I want them to have wonderful memories to look back on. I want my family to have wonderful memories to share. I want a community to share them with. I think I know what that would/should look like…and I have no clue.

I think it’s time for bed!


One thought on “Blinded by the Past

  1. G says:

    So is it TRUST vs CONTROL?

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