Music Monday: Dancing on the Waves

Last week my handsome fella and I went to a marriage night where Danny Silk was speaking.  One of the things he said just keeps coming back to mind.  He said people are the target of love and God is the source.  He gave us a picture of people with a target on them and we get to hit them with God’s love.  Of course, in order to have the love that people need, you have to get it from the right source.

Yesterday another thought came to mind after an evening of hitting some people’s targets with something a little different.  There is a battle for our heart, mind and soul.  God wants to be our source, but sometimes we gather up ammunition from other places and start throwing it around.  The enemy has plans for that target on people too.  He has placed assignments on those places in people who are meant to receive love.  If he can use the people who were meant to deliver love to the target to deliver his poison, he will.

I’ve watched him do it enough, I should know better.  He is actually a pretty predictable foe.  He tends to catch me up with the same things.  What about you?  Sure, the names and events may be different, but the weapons he uses on me are the same.  The weapons he gets me to pick up and aim at those around me are the same.  I told some friends this weekend that if we could ever get to a point where his tricks didn’t work, it would take away his power in that area of our life.  I still believe that, but I got a quick reminder on a personal level of just how difficult that is.

I spent a wonderful weekend with Him and some of my peeps.  We worshipped him, we fellowshipped, we battled for hearts, we took aim with His love at some targets He had placed in front of us that needed His love and healing.  It was great.  We laughed, we cut up, we lived a little piece of life and Heaven together.  We were plugged in to our Source.

I know what happens after a time like that…

I know what the enemy is going to throw at me…

I know he is pretty ticked off at me and my peeps after we’ve spent that kind of time with Jesus…

God even gave me a heads up and a vision of what to do about it.  He showed me where I needed to be when the storms of life hit.  He showed me my source in the middle of the waves.  He showed me where he was going to be in relation to me when I stepped out of the boat.  I found myself clawing and scratching and sinking below the surface because I forgot.  I became a fish swimming after bait instead of taking my place in His arms above the waves.

One day we will get to live forever in a glorious space of worship.  Today we can plug into our source and dance on the waves in the storm and allow Him to love on us and those around us in the midst of everyday life.  The perfect place to be.  We are going to be aiming something in the general direction of others.  I sure don’t want to be holding the wrong thing the next time. I sure don’t want to be getting my ammunition from the wrong source.


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