Not a Tattoo Resource

Do you ever look to see what brought people to your blog site? Every now and then I’ll see what pops up on the stats page under “search engine terms”. Today’s search made me laugh…”Does Kari Jobe have tattoos?” Seriously, that pointed them to my site?

First, why does anyone care if Kari Jobe is sporting a tattoo? Second, why do the Internets think I might have that answer? Just because I have posted some of her songs doesn’t mean I know about her tattoos or lack of. Just because I have a tattoo and a song she happens to sing just happens to be part of my story about said tattoo does not give me personal insight into this question.

I guess you really can search for just about anything on the Internets. I suppose you can also find an “answer” to just about any question. My question now is how do I know the source even knows the answer. How do I even trust the source? How do I even trust that the internet is even sending me in a direction with credible information?

If you are searching for the answer to the Kari Jobe tattoo question you may want to keep searching. The Internets have clearly sent you here on a wild goose chase. But if you are asking that question and you are reading this, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section! 🙂

If you don’t care but would like to listen to some Kari Jobe…here you go!


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