Music Monday: Happy Dance!

The other day a friend posted this video on Facebook.

I can’t stop watching it…it makes me happy.

It makes me want to dance…just like them.

The girls think I look silly…that makes me happy.

I decided to YouTube other songs to include in this post that make me happy. Songs that make me want to get up and dance…all silly like.

All these songs make me just want to go find a flash mob in a mall somewhere.

Oh, and how can I not include Georgian? Worship with reckless abandon…that is what happens when this guy shows up with his Joy and his fiddle.


3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Happy Dance!

  1. I love this! Let’s go start our own “happy dance” flash mob in Southlake Town Square!

  2. […] few days ago I wrote a blog that just made me happy. You can see it here if you missed it the first time around. I had no idea when I posted it that there is an […]

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