Twists and Turns

The most used category on my blog according to WordPress is Journey.  Perhaps that is because I ponder that one so often.  Perhaps that is because I have been on one since the beginning of this blogging adventure about 2 1/2 years ago.  Maybe it’s because life itself is a journey and many of my posts are snapshots of my personal journey.

I told a friend yesterday that Journey is a strange thing.  I wasn’t able to define what I meant by that.  I’m still not sure I can.  I’m not sure if I ever will be able to put into words exactly what that means. I’m not sure if it is important to define it or not.  I wonder if you can really fully define journey until you come to the end of it and look back.  Did you go where you were intended to go?  Did you do what you were intended to do?  Did you touch the people along the way you were meant to touch?  Did you bring life and light to those who walked the path with you?  Was their life better because they met you on the path?  Did you gather up the treasures that were yours to gather as you walked your particular path?  Did you leave something of beauty for those who walked the path after you?  Did you keep your focus on what was important, or become distracted by the squirrels?

A part of what makes journey strange to me are the twists and turns.  It seems to be much more fluid than I ever realized.  Maybe that is just what mine has become.  As I look back over the entire journey I have walked from the beginning to this point, I see many who have come and gone for any number of reasons.  They have all been significant in some way, even if only for a short time.  My interaction with them has been important.  Their interaction with me has been important.  They have taught me things about who I am.  They have taught me things about who they are.  Many of them have taught me things about who God is…or isn’t.

We are all on a journey together…yet separate.  I’ve had friends in the past who I thought I would journey with for the rest of my life who are now only a memory.  I have friends who once played a major role in my life who now only make an occasional appearance.  That part of journey is strange to me.  The part where we are all headed in the same direction and suddenly the paths take off in different directions.  Both still going in the same direction…but not.  Both still headed to the same destination but rarely crossing paths again.

And what about those days when you realize the path in front of you is at the edge of the deep…


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