My Heroes did some Bad Things

Do you ever get caught up in perfection? Do you ever beat yourself up over sin in your life? Does anyone ever beat you up over it or expect perfection out of you? How do you react to other people’s sin? How do you react if someone fails to meet YOUR standard of righteousness? How do you react if someone commits one of the sins on your personal list of “big” sins? If it is within your control, do you try to cover it up so no one knows? If it is one of your kids, do you try to minimize it or cover it up so none of your friends will know?

This post has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. This post has been on my mind as I’ve been reading the Old Testament and recalling the stories and what we know of the lives of some mighty men and women of God. It has occurred to me that the men and women that many of us were raised on in Sunday school did some things recorded in scripture that do not set them up to be the best of role models, yet God used them. They did some things which would likely get them shunned in many religious circles today…or at least put them on the fast track to rehabilitation. They would certainly not be promoted for the next leadership position.

Seriously, would you want these things on your next spiritual mentors resume?

Mocker of God

No? Well, God didn’t seem concerned that many of the heroes of the faith had these things on their resumes. He didn’t seem concerned about hiding those things from those of us who would be reading their stories in scripture one day. It sure didn’t seem to bother him if we knew their lives weren’t perfect…these mighty men of God.

I’ve seen a call in various places over the last few weeks to “cover up” who you are so as not to offend. Is that the example we have been given in scripture? The word is inspired by the Holy Spirit and yet those weaknesses are laid out right there in black and white.

I don’t know about you, but realizing that God isn’t nearly as caught up in a persons actions and mistakes as he is their heart does my heart good. That revelation does something to heal a place in this heart that doesn’t measure up to the “religious” measuring stick. It brings peace and calm to a place in me that strives for perfection before she will walk out on a limb. It brings release to walk with Him into the unknown even if I don’t think I have it all quite together just yet. And it makes me want to love and honor Him more. It makes me want to obey Him far more than measuring up ever has.


2 thoughts on “My Heroes did some Bad Things

  1. thiedeann says:

    Learned a lot about this in Celebrate Recovery and mourned that so few at GR attended. It was a huge blessing to be among honest, open sinners and learn to bask in our brokenness and redemption and God’s love. It hurts me to think there would be a call of any kind to cover up! And you’re so right. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob didn’t, for sure!

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