Good Way to Start

I wonder what could happen in a year if it was spent searching out God’s goodness?  I wonder what that year would look like while it was happening and upon reflection?  I wonder what obstacles would try to derail such a process?

This morning during worship services, the worship leader declared this the year that we would look back and see God’s goodness over our lives.  I like that, but I don’t want to wait until the end of the year to look back.  I want to see it all along the way.  Yes, I also want to be able to see it when I look back, but not at the expense of missing it while it is happening.  I think we sometimes miss what is right in front of us until it is past and we look back and see what it was we didn’t see right when it was happening.  I think we miss many treasured moments that way.  I don’t want to miss any of God’s goodness now because I was looking too far down the road.  I don’t want to miss it because I was looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.

So, in order to be more intentional and aware of His goodness along the way, I am going to dedicated my Sunday post to the things He has revealed to me during the previous week.  It may be things I’ve discovered or rediscovered in scripture, or something He shows me or speaks to me during the week that I want to share on here.  I think it could be fun and encouraging to have this space for that.

So, on this first Sunday of 2014, here are some things I’ve read about the goodness of God this week:

  • He created everything and then gave his creation the job of naming all the animals He had just created…He shared the fun!
  • He reached down into the mess His creation had just made and clothed him and protected him from making an eternal mess…and He planned that before the mess.
  • He is the God of second chances…none of us would be here if He wasn’t.
  • He believes in the abilities of those He created…just look at what he thought the Babylonians where capable of.
  • He gave mankind authority over sin way back in the beginning…even after the Fall…Cain even had the authority if he had just taken it.
  • He is a keeper of His promises…it has been a long time and I still see the rainbows He promised to Noah.

And that’s just the goodness of God I’ve seen this week while reading His word.

I also saw His goodness being declared over FB in the celebration of a loved one being released from the hospital after a lengthy stay.  I saw His goodness in the celebration of new life and new beginnings.  I saw His goodness in the safe travels of friends and loved ones.  I saw His goodness in the prayers offered on behalf of others who are in the midst of crisis.  I saw His goodness in online community.  I saw His goodness in a declaration of Hope.

Here’s to a year full of God’s goodness!


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