No More Thought Cloning!

I was thinking about why I blog the other day after being asked that very question.  I was asked that by someone who reads my blog on occasion but never comments.  I wouldn’t even know she reads it except that she said she does.  Occasionally I will receive feedback from someone who says they read my blog and enjoy it.  I am almost always surprised.  I received such a response this week.

When I began blogging in August 2011 I just wanted a place to ponder.  I just wanted a place to process the thoughts in my head somewhere besides up in there mixed up with all the other ones.  I wanted a community to process with.  I have found that community in a little group called Sparky’s Blog Challenge.  I love putting order to my thoughts here in this space.  I hope some of the thoughts have inspired others to ponder.

I was recently told that people share too much.  The context was social media and blogging and reality t.v…like that is real.  I suppose if one is not used to sharing or uncomfortable sharing then maybe that could be true.  I actually don’t think people are used to sharing their thoughts with others and that is what makes them uncomfortable.  I also wonder if people are uncomfortable when people share their thoughts because they can’t control those thoughts so they would rather not hear them.  People don’t seem to have any trouble listening to their favorite news anchor or politician or preacher give his or her opinion.  People don’t seem to mind being entertained by a movie that meets their views and is obviously selling an agenda as long as it fits with their agenda.  People sure don’t mind looking around on Facebook or other social media sites to see what others are saying.  And people will sit and share ideas for hours with someone who agrees with them.

I’m really not picking on anyone here.  I do it to.  I find myself growing uncomfortable when someone voices an opinion contrary to mine.  I find myself growing uncomfortable if I can sense I am about to be placed in a situation where I have to defend myself against someone who is adamantly opposed to my opinion.  Why?  Why should I grow defensive?  I should I become uncomfortable?  It’s my opinion.  It’s my belief.  I have the right to that.  You have the right to disagree.

Maybe we have all become too comfortable with being politically correct AND not comfortable at all.

I think Danny Silk says it best in his book Keep Your Love On:

“Can I value what you have to say even if it isn’t something I agree with or understand?  If not, then I will begin a process of judgments and punishments that send messages of invalidation.  Many of us don’t realize that we create a world where everyone has to look and sound like us or we have no value for them.  Before I know it I’ve surrounded myself with myself in order to get along with others.”

I want to be a person that is authentic in every way, including what I say and do.  In order to be authentic, I will probably say and do some things that someone, somewhere does not agree with.  I will probably say some things in this blog that someone, somewhere thinks shouldn’t be said.  That’s okay.  You are free to disagree.  You are free to read.  You are free to choose not to read.  You are free to chew off the meat and spit out the bones and move on.  That is what I plan to do.


One thought on “No More Thought Cloning!

  1. Joann says:

    Amen sister, Amen!

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