Thankful Thursday: Covering

I’m hopeful for 2014 and the journey I’m on to discover more of God’s goodness. Part of that journey will be reading thru the Bible with that goal in mind. Well, right off the bat, He highlighted something for me that I’m sure I’ve read or heard read a hundred times.

21 The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. – Genesis 3:21

They had just disobeyed him by doing the one thing he told them not to do.  They had just refused to take personal ownership for their sin.  They had just tried to hide from him.  They had just found themselves naked and afraid and full of shame.  They had just done their best to make themselves a covering of leaves.  He could have sent them out of the Garden just like that.  He could have left them to figure it out for themselves.  He could have…but he didn’t.

He reached down into their lives and made them some clothes.  He reached down into their lives and provided them what they were not skilled enough to provide for themselves.  He reached down and provided them covering so that they would not have to walk around in the shame that they had gotten themselves into all on their own.  He loved them tangibly right there in the mess they made for themselves.

That is a GOOD God!


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