Lost Art?

We are headed home from Christmas with my side of the family. It was nice to get to spend some time with everyone even if a big chunk of that time seemed to be spent sitting in the same room on various forms of technology. Books, games and social media seem to have taken over much of life. It seems to me they have moved in to the places that once held silence, face to face connection and imagination.

It makes me wonder what it was like before all this technology. It makes me wonder what it was like for the adults. I know what it was like as a kid without the technology when we went to the grandparents for the Christmas break. If it was warm enough we’d be out on some part of the farm using our imagination to create some adventure dressed in our Grandpa’s boots and coat. Inside the house, we’d play with our new toys. Truthfully, I remember more about the outdoor adventures than the ones spent indoors.

Maybe technology has taken over where things like knitting and whittling a stick left off. Maybe it’s just the newest thing to do with your hands when you are sitting still. The problem for me is I can’t do both. I can’t effectively carry on a conversation going on in the room when I’m engaged in one on my phone or Kindle or IPad or whatever. Of course, I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t be able to count stitches like my happy hooker friends and carry on a conversation either. I am sure I’d need to keep my eyes on the stick and the knife unless I wanted to spend part of my holiday being stitched up.

I don’t know what the “good old days” were like before technology took over. I know I love technology and the way it enables me to stay connected with friends far away. I love the way it enables me to stay connected with friends I never want to lose.

I just hope it doesn’t cause us to miss out on the face to face connections because we are better able to communicate thru out fingers than our eyes and mouth.


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