What did you say?

Do you really want freedom of speech?

Do you take advantage of that freedom on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Does it even occur to you that you have it until a big news event hits the radar?

What would happen if you were as vocal when there wasn’t a news story as you are when there is?

Would it make a difference in how you spoke to your family if it was taken away?

Would it change the things you say to your co-workers every day?

Would your friends notice a difference in the things you talked about if you lost the freedom to say anything that was on your mind?

Do you want freedom of speech or do you just want celebrities and CEO’s to have it so they can do the talking?

What are you really doing with the freedoms you have right now?

Do you fight for the freedom of those who oppose you or just the ones you align with?

Is that really freedom?

These are all questions that have been on my mind the past couple of days.  Questions I’ve asked myself.  Questions I’ve wondered about for the masses who jump on this or that bandwagon when it rolls by only to fade back into the daily routines as soon as they see it’s tail lights.  Where do all those people go when the cameras are turned off?


One thought on “What did you say?

  1. I think that freedom of speech is essential for all mankind. Only where there is freedom of speech can there be a non-corrupt society and it is an essential for a successful democracy. I really like your line “do you fight for the freedom of those that oppose you or just the ones you align with?” Sadly I think apathy and the belief that an individual can’t make a difference is why the majority are quiet.

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