Cabin Fever…Really?


irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from a long confinement
or isolation indoors during the winter

We’ve been iced in here in the Metroplex since Friday morning.  As of the time I am writing this, that would be 3 days and we’ve been told the schools will be closed again tomorrow.  I began seeing complaints of cabin fever setting in across Facebook as early as noon on Saturday.  This coming from people who were enjoying beautiful weather on Wednesday.  Did I miss something?  How long is a LONG CONFINEMENT?    How many of us have really been isolated during this time?

I’ve been outdoors with my family more the past 3 days than usual.  I’ve seen more neighbors outside than usual.  I’ve seen more kids playing outside than usual.  My own kids have spent more time outside of the house than inside of it the past few days.  I’d venture to guess that most kids have bundled up to get their fill of the snow and ice and slippy and sliding and sledding action.  I’d guess many of them have spent more time away from their technology than usual.

Speaking of technology and cabin fever…doesn’t that keep one from being isolated?  Chatting and texting and stalking catching up with people on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Blogs and Snapchat and….

I’ve seen reports of the truckers and motorist trapped on a local highway for several days and I do feel sorry for them.  I’d say those truckers really do have a leg to stand on when crying cabin fever.

What about me?

I’m not ready to cry cabin fever just yet.  I’ve been several places during this ice storm.  I’ve gone sledding on storage tub lids with my girls.  I’ve cooked a batch of spicy chex mix.  I’ve read a good book.  I’ve watched a little t.v.  I’ve chatted with friends and family.  I’ve even managed to enjoy some Starbucks.

We will warm up a little more tomorrow with hopes that the roads will melt a bit more and the school buses can safely transport kids back and forth to schools.  We will be above freezing in the afternoons and in the mid 50’s by the weekend.

I am pretty sure the peep who coined the phrase cabin fever had a bit longer and more isolated set of circumstances in mind when he said it the first time.

Or maybe the thought of being stranded alone in a cabin in the snow somewhere for a while doesn’t sound all that bad to me.


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever…Really?

  1. Lana Vaughan says:

    Hoping and praying a family who’s plane went down in the Idaho mountains has found the safety of a remote cabin to shelter them until rescue workers can find them. It’s been 7 days and counting.

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