Attic Rats and Wayward Thoughts

Ugh!  The attic rats are at it again!  I sat down here to write in a nice quiet house and all I can hear are their little feet running around above me.  It’s really kinda creepy.  We don’t know how they are getting in the attic.  I keep wondering when they are going to find their way in the house.  If they knew that I have a fresh batch of spicy chex mix sitting on the stove they might get serious about trying to find a way inside.  Let’s not tell them.  I really don’t want to share with them!

You know…those attic rats rustling around up there kinda remind me of some thoughts rustling around up in my head that I need to take captive.  Who knows exactly how they get in there, but you can be sure it is a crack or opening that needs to be filled or repaired.  The longer they stay up there, the bigger the mess they make.  The longer they stay, the more likely it is they will invite their friends to join them.  The longer they stay, the more likely it is they will build a nest and start playing house and bring baby attic rats into the world to join them.  We’ve gotten rid of them several times, but they keep coming back.  They keep coming back because we haven’t taken care of the crack and crevices and openings they are crawling thru to get in.

You can clean up those thoughts and take them captive, but if you don’t do anything to repair the breach…



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