So you like to travel?

After an unplanned break from writing I’m back. I’ve been doing plenty of pondering and thinking about writing, but by the time I sat down to write…well…just didn’t happen.

I spent the past two evenings worshiping God and listening to Bill Johnson share the things God has placed on his heart for the Kingdom and it’s people and those who are yet to know the King. I got to spend time in an atmosphere of faith for healing where people stood in faith for prayer and those around them answered the call to pray and believe for healing on the spot.  I love that atmosphere.  I love that level of faith.  I love that God is still in the business of healing all our diseases and I love that people like Bill Johnson believe the power to heal belongs to God and any of His kids can be vessels thru which His healing power is released…today.

I also love that God is still in the business of speaking to his people.  I am thankful that He is still leading and guiding and loving us right were we are…all of us.  I love that He  can speak very personally to a room full of people positioned to hear from him.  I went to the meeting expecting to hear from Him and was not disappointed.

If you have ever heard Bill speak, you already know that he packs a lot into an evening.  If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend you check him out.  I continue to be impressed by the way he listens to the Spirit’s direction for his message and the kindness that flows from him.  And he is quick to give God the credit for everything he says and does.  I like that!  I also love the way he sees scripture and has a way of making it come alive for today.  I don’t think God would have given us the Bible if He didn’t intend for it to come alive in our hearts and minds…no matter how long ago it was written.  I think it is all relevant and I love the way Bill sees and shares its truths.

Some of what spoke to my heart over the past few days was personal just for me.  I’m sure some of it was personal for others in the room.  That is just how God works.  I don’t know how He does it, but I’m glad He does.  But there is one thing that was said over the past couple of days that I’d love to share.  I’m sharing it here so that I can come back to it should I ever forget…even though I don’t think that is likely to happen any time soon.  I’m also sharing it here in case any of you could benefit from its truth and the impact it might have on your life.

“Faith explores what revelation reveals.” – Bill Johnson

What do you do with the truth that God reveals to you?  What do you do with those scriptures that He highlights as you are reading his word?  What do you do when someone gives you are word for your life that you just KNOW is from God?  Do you do anything with them?  Do you set out to explore what God has for you in them?  Do you set out to explore how He intends to shape your life because of them?  Do you believe He meant them for you?  Do you believe He plans to shape you to fulfill the truth He has revealed about you and your life in Him?

Sounds like an active faith to me…

Sounds like a faith that is going places in Him…

Sounds like a faith that promises real adventure…

Sounds like a faith that wants more than just a bunch of words to tickle its ears…

Sounds like a faith that does something with the things of God…

Sounds like a faith that is not afraid to take the next step when God says move…

Sounds like a faith that does more than just ask for revelation…

I looked up the definition for explore and love this one and all it means in this context…travel in for the purpose of discovery…Yes!  Let’s travel into His revelations and see what all there is to discover!  See you there!




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