Looking for Him…in ALL of you.

Diversity is such a glorious thing…or it could be if we would really allow for it.  It is a glorious thing…until we become threatened by it.  Why do so many people want so many other people to look and act and believe EXACTLY like them?  Why do they become so ugly in the name of their traditions?  Why is it that people who don’t appear to be bearing fruit are some of the most outspoken against people who don’t believe exactly like them?  Why are they so against those who are bearing fruit with their beliefs?  What would happen if they stripped everything down to the basics and removed all the man-made traditions and found out that they really do believe pretty much the same thing, they just express it in different ways?  What would happen if they opened the eyes of their hearts to the hearts of others?

These are all questions heavy on my heart today.  They are questions I know some of the answers to because I used to be one of them and some days find myself still being one of them in some areas of life.  Some days I find myself longing to give myself the same freedom I give others.  I find myself longing to give those closest to me the same freedom I give those outside my inner circle.  Some days I wish we could all just erase the history books and remove all the division and differences and go back to square one.  Just go back to the day that little baby was born in the manger…before anyone had a chance to draw lines about when and where and how to worship Him.  But then I guess we’d have to go all the way back to the beginning, huh?  Okay…if that is what it would take to erase the dividing lines.

Lord, please forgive me for judgmental attitudes towards others who act and express their faith differently than me?  Please free me from anything that is not of you.  Please help me to see others the way you see them.  Please help me to see the parts of You that their differences express.  Please reveal yourself to me in the diversity of those around me.  Please free us all from the need to control and divide and conquer so that we can each become the expression of You that we were designed to be…no matter how different we may each look.  Please help us to each offer the same grace to one another that you have offered to us.


One thought on “Looking for Him…in ALL of you.

  1. I like your sentiments. Recognition means you’re a long way to achieving this and remember we are human.

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