Flash Mob in the Shoe Department?…Almost!

I think a small miracle may have occurred this afternoon.  I spent over 2 hours in one store shopping for a dress and a pair of shoes for a teenager and actually had fun.  Not only did I spend that two hours shopping with her for that dress and shoes, I had her little sister along for the ride who wasn’t shopping for anything for herself.

Yes, I said I had fun…you see the miracle unfolding don’t you!

There was no whining!  There was no crying!  There was laughter!  There was singing!  There may have even been a dance move or two!

In fact, there was so much laughter that you might have thought I was crying, but those really were tears from laughing so hard.

Hey!  You would be laughing too if big sister was trying on her 3rd pair of 3 inch heels and little sister decided to break out in a sing-along to Moves Like Jagger!  I thought for a minute I was about to find myself in one of those flash mobs I’ve only ever seen online.  I had already stopped myself from whistling to the song and another lady seemed oblivious to the fact she was singing and busting a few moves of her own.

All we needed was a little more organization and we could have had the entire shoe department up on their feet!


More time to enjoy it!

The Christmas season began early at my house.  I think this is the earliest we have ever started decorating.  Since it wasn’t my idea and the rest of the family has already moved on to creating wish lists, I decided I’d jump on here and post real quick.  I don’t have any pictures to post because the decorating is only half started.  Maybe I’ll get them motivated to finish what they began tomorrow…or sometime before December 25th.

The good news is my favorite reading space is almost decorated and that makes me happy!  🙂


Note to Self and a Question or Two

Where are you going? Where have you been?
Does your road look the same as it did way back then?

Do you know where you’re going? Do you remember where you’ve been?
Have you had an adventure…at least one now and then?

Do you want to stay back? Do you want to move on?
Do you want one good adventure or five or ten?

He knows where you’re going! He knows where you’ve been!
Go ahead and trust Him and let the adventures begin!