An Alphabetical Sample of Thanks

Since it’s almost Thanksgiving Day…will be when most of you read this…I thought I’d write a thankfulness post and share all the things I am thankful for but then I realized I might leave something or someone off so I’ll just give you a partial list and continue my thankfulness posts in Facebook for a while longer.

So, in alphabetical order here is a small sample of things I am thankful for in 2013:

Another year of good health
Bananas for my smoothies
Chocolate cake
Donuts with friends
Emily’s snuggles
Fast food
Gracie’s joyful spirit
Hershey and Goldie
Ice cream on a hot day
Justin’s love for his family
Keep Your Love On
Laughing Out Loud
Moms and Dads in life and faith
Never ending Grace
Oreo cookies
Personal testimonies
Quilts to keep me warm
Road trip with Emily
Softball games with Gracie
Taste buds
Umbrellas in a downpour
Walking with Him
X-rays that show no stones
Zippers that stay up

And SO MUCH More!!!


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