Flash Mob in the Shoe Department?…Almost!

I think a small miracle may have occurred this afternoon.  I spent over 2 hours in one store shopping for a dress and a pair of shoes for a teenager and actually had fun.  Not only did I spend that two hours shopping with her for that dress and shoes, I had her little sister along for the ride who wasn’t shopping for anything for herself.

Yes, I said I had fun…you see the miracle unfolding don’t you!

There was no whining!  There was no crying!  There was laughter!  There was singing!  There may have even been a dance move or two!

In fact, there was so much laughter that you might have thought I was crying, but those really were tears from laughing so hard.

Hey!  You would be laughing too if big sister was trying on her 3rd pair of 3 inch heels and little sister decided to break out in a sing-along to Moves Like Jagger!  I thought for a minute I was about to find myself in one of those flash mobs I’ve only ever seen online.  I had already stopped myself from whistling to the song and another lady seemed oblivious to the fact she was singing and busting a few moves of her own.

All we needed was a little more organization and we could have had the entire shoe department up on their feet!


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