Voice Activated

Have you ever been driving down the road and you know your destination and how to get there and all of a sudden you look up and you are in completely unfamiliar surroundings on a road that you are not supposed to be on?

Have you ever completely missed a familiar turn?

What about unexpected road blocks or construction or wrecks or debris in the road or detours?

Or have you ever been told not to get on a certain road, but you just knew you knew better and then you got to learn the hard way?

Have you ever been in a lane that was merging into another one and you had only a split second to avoid a major disaster with the cement barrier and two other travelers that all needed space on that one chunk of concrete all headed in the same direction at break neck speeds?

That is what it looks like when I drive most of the time.  Those are all things that happened along my journey just this weekend.  And all of them struck me as very familiar elements to my spiritual journey.  Sometimes it is easy to get back on track with a simple u-turn.  Sometimes you have to drive for miles to find a place to turn around.  Sometimes it is easier just to hit the recalculate button on the GPS and choose a completely different route to your destination because you find out that going back would really be longer and more difficult than just choosing a different route to the same destination.

My phone has a handy-dandy little app that will calculate a route for me and give me step by step directions on how to get to the destination, but I have to follow it.  I have to pay attention to the directions it gives me and the signs along my route.  I have to PAY ATTENTION!  I don’t have Siri…YET!  I don’t own a GPS that speaks to me…YET!  After this weekend…I am ready to get something that will SPEAK to me so I can keep my eyes focused on the road and not the little map.

And about the spiritual journey…I’ve been given the best GUIDE I could ever hope to have.  He knows where I’ve been, where I am going, the best route to take and all of the hazards and obstacles in the way.  He knows who is on this journey with me and when our paths will merge and cross and what we will need to avoid in order to stay on the path and not collide with each other or that thing that is in BOTH our ways.  And all I have to do is Ask Him and then PAY ATTENTION!


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