Detour and a Paintbrush

This Fall Gracie took a little detour on her way to select softball.  She will be hitting the practice field this afternoon for the first time with the Rage select softball team, previously known to many of you as the Cougars.  Her old team made the move to select, lost a few players and picked up a few and officially began their select journey last weekend.  Gracie thought she might want to continue to play recreation ball, so we joined the Knights in August.  It was a fun season and a fun team, but Gracie discovered that she really wanted to play at a higher level and was given the opportunity to change her mind and join her old, new team.

That is where the story becomes about me and not about her or softball.  I promise you will get plenty of news on the softball front as we go along, but this one is for mom.  🙂

It is funny how life’s twists and turns and detours end up taking you places you never imagined you would go….or always wanted to.  God placed a new friend in my life thru this little detour of Gracie’s.  In fact, I was sad when the season came to an end and I knew we would be moving on to another team and another turn on the path.  I was sad because I know how paths are and if you aren’t on the same one often times you lose touch with people on your old path.  This was such a short season that I really hated to see it end.  I hated not to get more opportunities to spend with the new friendships that had begun to form in the stands.

And then I got a message in my Facebook inbox…

Hey!  Would you like to come to a GNO at Painting with a Twist with me and some of my other friends?

Are you kidding me?  YES!!!  I have been wanting to get over there to paint for at least two years, maybe longer.  The invitation came on a day that I really needed a boost.  I really needed a switch from the ordinariness of life.  I really needed to find something fun to do.  God is so awesome at directing things like this.  So we began looking at our options and the perfect painting was available for us to choose…”Fall Upon Us!”  Oh yeah…it really couldn’t be a more perfect picture for this season of life I am in.  It really couldn’t be a better titled piece for this place my family is in.  I have been in a place of desiring more of His Presence in my life and my family’s life.  We have been on a path thru the woods to get to His light.  I personally have been on a path towards His light for several years.  Just like this picture, I’m not sure where the path leads, but I know He is at the end of it, drawing me further into His light.

So, last night, I met up with my new friend and a bunch of her peeps and we painted and laughed and enjoyed a glass of wine and had a great evening.  I got to paint! I got to spend time with my new friend and meet some others for the first time. Gracie’s little detour worked out quite nicely! 🙂  Thanks for the invite Margo…I’m looking forward to many more adventures with you!  Now where did I put my running shoes?

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