Thankful Thursday: Paying Forward

Do you ever find yourself wanting to hit the rewind button?  The problem is…you really can’t rewind life.  Maybe it is helpful to know how you got to where you are, but you can’t do anything to redo any of those things.  You can’t relive a single moment, day, month or year.  It is impossible.  YOU can’t redeem the lost time…no matter how hard you try or how bad you want to.

They call it Throw Back Thursday.  It is fun to see pictures of days gone by that people post.  Fond memories of the past in their lives that they choose to share.  Silly pictures that make them laugh.  Moments many of them wish they could relive even just for a moment.  I have plenty of those snapshots in my heart.  I have plenty of those memories I long to relive.  I have some I’d like to erase.  It’s funny that most of those snapshots don’t make it onto people’s Throw Back Thursday posts.  At least not unless someone else is posting them….

Do you ever notice how quick you are to delete those photos of yourself that you don’t want anyone to see and how much fun it is to hang onto the ones of others that you might be able to use to your advantage at some point in the future?  Do you ever do that with people’s mistakes?  Do you ever try to cover yours but expose others?  Or forgive yourself and believe for change, but not give that same grace and mercy to others?  Do you ever look back on your life at the stupid things you did and thank God for his grace and mercy towards you and then forget that He offers the same thing to your friends and family and kids?  No?  Oh, well….never mind.

Maybe I’ll just go look thru my photos and remember the days gone by and the mercies of God in my life and ask Him to show ME how to offer more of His grace and mercy to those around me who could use a double portion of it right now.





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