To brake or not to brake

Last week the lights on the dashboard of my van came on letting me know that my brakes and the anti-lock brake system and the special feature on my van that makes it possible to navigate slippery, gravely terrain weren’t functioning properly. It was strange because they seemed to be working just fine. The handsome fella took the van for a spin and agreed that they seemed okay.

The lights remained on for days with no sign of any real trouble…just these bright caution lights.

Saturday the handsome fella took the van to the local auto shop to have it hooked up to the computer to see what the codes would tell him. He is a mechanic and can make most repairs himself as long as he can rent the right tools and knows what needs to be fixed.

Uh, Sir, there are no codes showing up. There are no problems with your van.

He got back in the van to drive home without a clue about how to fix the problem that didn’t exist in reality but did on the dashboard….and the lights never came back on.


Has that ever happened to you?  Do you ever see a bunch of caution lights in front of you telling you to be careful and then find out they were just a false alarm?  Have you ever gotten worked up and worried about something that appeared to be a disaster waiting to happen only to find out you had gotten worked up for no reason at all?

I think worry and anxiety must look a lot like those caution lights that really didn’t reflect reality.  I think living your life reacting to the “what-ifs” instead of the “what is” must look like those caution lights.  I think reacting to life out of fear of what might go wrong rather than the promises of a good and loving God might look much like those caution lights and my reaction to them.

Who knows?  Maybe God just decided He would fix the van for me.


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