Once Upon a Time…They Fell in Love

20131019-170734.jpgI met this fella on September 2nd, 1995.  This picture was the only proof his family needed that he was in love.  This was a Halloween party less than two months into our relationship and I got him to dress up.  Apparently true love is the only thing that would make such a feat possible.

20131019-170747.jpgThis is where he proposed to me in May 1996.  Circus, Circus in Reno, NV…I’ll leave the rest of that story for another day…bottom line…I said YES!!!

20131019-170757.jpgLook at that handsome fella with hair on his head the day after he proposed!

20131019-170808.jpgLook at the happy couple!  No, we hadn’t just hit a jackpot on the slots in the background!  That was what two peeps in love look like when they have just become engaged!



One thought on “Once Upon a Time…They Fell in Love

  1. Lisa says:

    Happy anniversary!

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