Just part of the job description

Wow, it’s Friday night and I’ve managed to blog every day this week.  If I make it thru tomorrow I’ve actually met the challenge for the first time in many weeks.  I’ll have something fun to post tomorrow.  I’ll even likely add a photo or two or three. Tomorrow is a very important day in the Wade house but you will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out what all the fuss is about.  Unless you already know and then you will still have to wait until tomorrow to see what pictures I post to go along with the important day.  Of course I may decide to come back and post tomorrow’s post later tonight.  I am about to drop my eldest off at a movie and my youngest is at a sleepover, so I would have time for some uninterrupted blogging.  Of course that also means I could come back and blog about something else today other than this meaningless blog for the sake of blogging blog.  If I do, I think I’ll leave this first part just so you can see what you could have had to look forward to if I didn’t come up with something else while I was gone.

I could share with you the randomness that has gone thru my mind today and see if you could help me sort it out and make sense of it.  I’m pretty sure there is a pattern in there to be discovered.  Or I could let you guess what all the bits of information have in common.  There really might be a common thread to all the seemingly mismatched thoughts churning around up there.  That might be a fun, interactive post.

Or I could share a day in the life of parenting a teenager…nah!

I’m home and do I have a story to tell.  Maybe I should just give you the highlights in Haiku.

I am a stalker
Now my daughter knows I am
I was stalking her

She knows I love her
She knows I am watching her
She knows that I care

And in other news
High School boys are really weird
Hiding in the shrubs

Not just any shrubs
Knee high to a grass hopper
The had to lay down

Another day down
Another win for mama
And for daughter too 🙂



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