Thankful Thursday: She danced for Him!

It seems like a really good time to share part of my story again.  The past couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of people who want to point their fingers at other Christians and tell them their brand isn’t acceptable.  I’ve noticed it coming from people with a platform and people sitting in a pew.  I’ve noticed it coming from people from a variety of brands with a variety of theological views…all pointing at the differences.  I haven’t once noticed any of the finger pointers pointing out the common bond they have in the love of the ONE who should be the center of the conversation.  It makes me sick.  It makes me want to run in the opposite direction of anyone participating in these types of discussions.  I want to spend my time in His Presence not in a debate about who interpreted which scripture better.  His Presence has the power to transform me…a puffed up debate does not!

That brings me back to a place in time  I will NEVER forget that FOREVER changed me.  Yes, it was a mountain top experience, but here I am almost 3 years later and I’ve never come down…I’m still in love and falling more in love with HIM every day.  It happened at a Ransomed Heart Captivating retreat in October 2010.  There were many moments that weekend that are forever cemented into my mind, heart and spirit, but this one came to mind as I was pondering this post and all the finger-pointing.  Over 350 women from 26 countries had come together for one incredible weekend with one purpose.  We had all come together to hear from God.  We had all come together to worship Him.  We had all come together to have a personal encounter with Him.  One of the sessions was devoted specifically to worship and I will NEVER forget what I saw that day.  It was something that I hadn’t ever seen before.  I was privileged to worship Him in an atmosphere of complete freedom.  As I stood and others sat and others knelt I watched in awe as yet another stood and began to worship Him with her dance.  I had never seen something so beautiful and free and loving as that dance.  It wasn’t choreographed.  It wasn’t showy.  It was an expression of worship from her heart straight to His.  Something in that moment changed this heart.  Something in that moment softened a place in my heart as she poured her heart out to Him.

So what does that have to do with the finger-pointing and name-calling that I see happening?  I mentioned the 350 plus women.  I didn’t tell you what denomination they were from.  I didn’t tell you which denomination hosted this retreat.  I didn’t tell you because there wasn’t one….there were MANY.  I didn’t know what brand the people worshipping with me were from…no one ever said…no one ever asked…no one cared because everyone was just there for HIM.  I have since gotten to know a handful of the people who were there that weekend.  I can tell you I worshipped that day alongside Christians from a large variety of churches including Baptist and Catholic and Church of Christ.  I worshipped with charismatic and non-charismatic.  And the roof didn’t cave in.  In fact…at one point the worship was so powerful I am quite sure the roof was lifted off in some unseen realm and we were all standing in the Throne Room of God with the Angels worshipping the One seated on the throne.

THAT has the power to transform a life.  THAT has the power to bring one into the Presence of the One who directs our steps.  THAT has the power to spark a relationship that can never be taken away…EVER!  THAT and not a puffed up, prideful speech about what is wrong with that person standing in that other building worshipping in a way you don’t understand.

I’m more in love with HIM because I saw a sold out Christian expressing her love to HIM like she and He were the only ones in the room.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: She danced for Him!

  1. Ann Thiede says:

    Ah, dear Laurie! Wonderful words! One thing that has become my mantra: Who am I to think I can judge someone else’s heart and declare them wrong?! Love reading the passage where Jesus’ disciples told him someone was casting out demons in his name who wasn’t in their group and they tried to stop him. Jesus’ reply? “Do not stop him, for he who is not against us is on our side.” (Luke 9:50) Right before that, the disciples had been arguing about who was the greatest. BAM!

    • lammilee says:

      YES!!! Laurie, thank you for your thoughts in this! Some similiar experiences where His Presence permeated the whole place melting down all differences and barriers are what propelled me into this insatiable quest I am on for more of Him! The closer I get, the hungrier and thirstier I become. The more I am aware of the beauty in the diversity within the WHOLE body of believers, the freer I become in my expressions of worship to the audience of One!

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