Hope…it’s about the future!

Do you ever find yourself looking back when it would be better to keep facing forward?  Have you ever taken your eyes off of the road ahead of you for too long because you were mesmerized by something in the rear view mirror?  Is it something you wish you could go back and re-live because you know it was a sacred moment and you want to be there again?  Or are there things you look back at and wish they could have been different and you want a chance for a do-over?

I was thinking about this today and it occurred to me that lots of life will pass you by if you aren’t paying attention to the things in front of you because you are looking at the past.  Life isn’t static.  You can’t pull over to the side of the road and hang out for a while.  Life keeps moving, the car you are in keeps moving.  The people around you keep moving.  The scenery that was there for you to enjoy along the way is somewhere in your past with the other things that you had your eyes fixed on, but you missed it.

My life has been full of rich blessings.  I can look back and point to so many cherished friendships and moments in time that I’d give anything to relive because of the joy the memories bring to me.  As I sit here typing this my mind and heart are flooded with so many great conversations with so many wonderful friends over the years.  Oh to sit and enjoy a heart to heart with each one of you.  Those are the memories that bring both joy and pain when I look back for too long.  They bring me joy because they are cherished and pain because I can’t get them back.

But why should they bring me pain if they are such good memories?  I think the answer lies in where I have set my face.  I think the answer lies in where I have placed my hope.

Hope is about what lies AHEAD of us not behind us.  Hope is believing that there are just as many good things in your future as the ones you have enjoyed along the way.  Hope is believing that the rest of your life can be just as full as the one you see in the rear view mirror.  You just won’t see it if you keep looking back.  You will miss the things and people who would have become the moments to cherish along the way.

Don’t miss the life He has for you now because of the life you have already lived…build new memories worth remembering…not a mountain of regrets and missed opportunities that will just trip you up somewhere in your future.


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