Music Monday: Remember What?

I saw this video back in July and haven’t been able to get it off my mind…

While this video is used to show the effects of this world of constant connectedness via cell phones on those right in front of us, it has occurred to me that cell phones aren’t the only culprit. It’s just the easiest one to blame right now because it is so in our face…literally. I’ve been thinking about this video and the impact being connected to the wrong things can have on those around us. There is nothing wrong with technology. There is nothing wrong with social media. I have some cherished connections with people who bless my life on a daily basis thru the world of technology. God has blessed my life richly thru these avenues. BUT, it is possible to miss the people right in front of you if you don’t unplug and look into their eyes.

I recently attended a class where the instructor was sharing a story about a man who had no memory of his childhood with the exception of one entire year that he spent with his grandparents. He remembered all the details of that one year. This was the one year in his childhood that he was seen. This man did not have any other memories of his life until the age of 18 when he got married to a wife who loved and honored him…and saw him.  As it turned out, this man was raised in a family with parents who were distracted by their own selfish pursuits. They had no time to “see” their son because they were too busy “seeing” themselves. They spent their lives focused inward and missed their son and robbed him of his memories. It’s kinda hard to remember invisible.

This man is grown, so it wasn’t the internet or technology that was to blame in his world. That got me to thinking about my own life. Are the two beautiful girls that God has placed in my life going to remember the years they spend under my roof? Do they feel seen? Do they go to bed each night knowing they are love and honored and cherished? Do they know how important they are to this family? Will they have a life full of memories or blocks of invisible time?

I got an opportunity to spend some one on one time with one of them this weekend. We did a bit of shopping and stopped at Pei Wei for dinner. No visit to Pei Wei is complete without grabbing a handful of fortune cookies. They have really good fortunes in those cookies. I think the person that writes for that cookie company must have a direct line with God. So, I grabbed some cookies and sat down and didn’t even wait for dinner to dig in…I wasn’t planning to actually eat the cookies. I opened the first cookie and this is what it said:

“One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.”

God knew I was going to grab that cookie.  He knows the prayers of my heart right now.  He knows all the ways I connect with others.  He knows all the ways I remain disconnected from them.  He knows how I choose to plug-in and unplug.  He knows what I see and what I miss because my eyes are closed or just looking somewhere else.

Lord, please help me to see them the way YOU see them!  Please help me to parent them in a way that leaves them full of lasting, meaningful memories because they grow up believing who you created them to be because I saw them and was able to speak into their lives the things I saw.  Please forgive me for all the times I was so consumed by me that I missed them.  Please redeem that time for them.  I don’t want to miss who they are.  I don’t want them to miss who they are.  I don’t want them to miss YOU!  Thank you Lord!


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