Just a bit more…but this is beautiful!

It rained yesterday and with that came refreshingly lower temps and a beautiful blue sky. This morning we thru open all the windows to let that cool fresh air fill our home. It was so nice to let that clean, fresh air permeate our house. Even with the fresh air flowing thru the house, I found myself in need of some refreshing in my soul, so I took off on a walk with just God and Hillsong United as my companions.

With all that was on my mind, it didn’t take long before I was rattling off my frustrations and concerns and fears. It didn’t take long before the rain began to fall on my face. Don’t worry, I’m okay, just needed to release some emotions that have been stuck for a while. I asked God for that release a few days ago and as is typical for our relationship, He answered.

As I was headed back into my neighborhood with a bit clearer head than when I left, I began to notice some things and God began to speak to me about the rain and the green grass and the blue skies and the debris that was scattered after the rain. A few days ago my friend over at Hey Sparky posted a beautiful blog about the cleansing power of the rain.  (It’s really short, so you really could check it our really quick before continuing here….I’ll wait!)  Sometimes I don’t enjoy the process of being “cleaned”, but I do love what happens in my soul when I know He has been busy doing a work in me that only He can do.  It is a refreshing, peaceful feeling.

This morning as I was looking at the green grass and the beautiful blue sky and enjoying the clean feeling in the air, something else caught my attention.  I began to notice the debris that had been cleaned out of the trees during the storms the night before.  Dead leaves and branches were scattered along the ground.  Evidence of things that had once been alive, but had died long before the rain came and cleaned them out of the trees to make room for the new growth.  They were not leaves and branches that had been alive yesterday.  These were things that had been dead for a while and were already dried up and of no use before the rains even began.  These were things that already needed to be removed, but had been hanging on and taking up space.  The rain just washed them on out.

But then I noticed something else…

The same trees that had been cleansed of the dead leaves and branches and dust from the dry hot summer still had dead leaves and branches hanging on.  The rains had cleaned them up and given them a fresh face, but they still had a few old dead things in them that just weren’t ready to give way to the cleansing power of the rain.  Those would wait for another day and another gust of wind.  Those things would hold out a little longer.

That must be what it looks like in us as we are being changed from glory to glory.  God sends the Wind and the Rain to clean out the dried up broken pieces.  He gives us new mercies in the morning for a fresh start with a clearer focus and a fresh atmosphere.  He sees the beauty He has just released into the atmosphere of our souls and He takes in a deep breath as He enjoys the peace that has been created.  He knows there is more that will need to be removed and cleaned as He transforms us to the next place of glory, but for now…that is enough.  For now, the beauty that He sees includes the green grass, the blue skies and the glimmer in the eyes of love looking into His that have just been made brighter.  He sees that and the remaining places of brokenness and knows a day will come that even that brokenness will be removed.  He sees all of who we are and who we are to become and He keeps walking with us down the path enjoying us just as we are.

Is that what mercy looks like God?


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