Thankful Thursday: Fearless Grace!

This morning I was thinking about grace in relation to parenting. I was thinking about how scary that can be to truly parent with grace. Confession…it is terrifying to me…yes…I’m working that confession out with HIM. I was sharing some struggles with a friend yesterday and she was shocked to know I had them. So many times we see people’s Facebook lives and we think we are the only ones who struggle. I don’t post my struggles all over Facebook. It’s not the place. I want to be real and transparent, but you will have to get to know me and look in my eyes to know all there is to know. Well, all the things that I feel led to share with you. Just know…you are not the only one struggling with life. You are not the only one that is learning and growing and falling down and getting back up.

As I was thinking about the grace that God offers his children, it amazed me at how he fearlessly offered that to us. He even offered it knowing it wouldn’t be accepted…knowing it would be misunderstood…knowing it would be trampled on…knowing it would be abused. He did it anyways because he loves us. He did it anyways because he knew that those who received it with open arms would be with him and love him forever. He knew he would have our hearts if we accepted his gift. He didn’t want our love for Him to be controlled or forced or manipulated. He wanted to offer a free gift of grace and then let us decide what to do with it. THAT is FEARLESS parenting!!

As these thoughts were rolling thru my mind, this quote came across my news feed…

“Our love of God is seriously upgraded when we realize that our mistakes are already covered. No matter how well or badly our life is going we must learn to live under the smile of God! Know that in the love of God we cannot fail; we can only make mistakes and every mistake has already been covered by the Cross.” – Graham Cooke

And then this song came across the air waves…

Lord, thank you for the grace and freedom you offer me each day because of your perfect love. Please show me how to fearlessly offer that to my kids. Please show me how to love them the way you love me, fearlessly!


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Fearless Grace!

  1. thiedeann says:

    I was blessed for reading your truthful words. Loved the song, too!

  2. lammilee says:

    Oh the depths of His love…of His grace. This week, between you and Joann, I have joyfully ridden on a fresh wave of grace. I am refreshed! Thank you!

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