5 Minute Friday: Technical Difficulties…give me one with skin!

Five Minute Fridays – Write for 5 straight minutes whatever is on your mind with no surplus of time spent editing or proof reading. 5 Minutes is the minimum, max is up to you and your creative juices.

Ready, Set, Go!

I learned this week that one of my daughters classes is being taught as some type of split concept class.  I don’t remember the technical term that was used.  Basically, the teaching is done online and the homework is done in class with the teacher present.  Apparently the teacher spent her summer recording the lessons onto videos that the students are expected to watch at home at night the day before they go to class.


Am I the only one that sees a problem with this concept??

Apparently it is the beginning of things to come with this new age of technology.  Apparently it is what’s to come in the High Schools.

My question is why do they even need to go to class if they are receiving their instruction time at home on the computer?  Why can’t they watch that and then do their homework and turn it in for a grade?  Why am I not just teaching my child at home if they are receiving the instruction off the computer at home?  Has this method been tested anywhere to verify that they are learning what they need to know?  It’s my understanding the answers are also available online?  Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that all you have to do is look up the answers and write them down.  Oh, no one would do that would they?

Maybe I am missing something.  Maybe I am being old-fashioned or short-sighted.  I just wonder where we are headed when the teachers have all their lessons recorded.  What happens then?  What happens to the teachers when what they do is computerized?

Is this going to be like the self check out at the grocery store that is taking the place of checkers?  Is that where this is headed?

I want teachers teaching my kids eye-ball to eye-ball!  If I wanted to send them to an online school that is what I would do, but I didn’t.




3 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Technical Difficulties…give me one with skin!

  1. Joann says:

    Bean told me the other day that school is only busy work to prepare you for nothing. She isn’t take AP classes this year and has decided that a monkey could do what she’s doing in class.

  2. Joann says:

    Bean told me that she has decided school is busy work to prepare you for nothing. She isn’t taking AP classes this year and is finding that a monkey is capable of doing what she’s doing.

  3. shannon says:

    Flipped classroom. It’s a good thing because they get the help they need to do their homework, which most parents are unable or unavailable to provide. The homework they complete in class us where the real learning happens…not the lecture or video. Now if the teacher isn’t using that class time to walk around andcatch mistakes early, it won’t work. As far as finding answers online, that is the worldthese kids will be navigating as adults. They need the skills to find the answers, evaluate their usefulness and draw conclusions. We have to prepare them for that reality. The carers they will have in adulthood, many don’t exist yet.

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