Healing stones…Part 2!

I had something completely different on my mind to blog tonight, but I have to share part 2 of the healing power of God on my behalf….this really is a great story!

Part 1 happened about a month ago when I received the good news that I would not have to be put under anesthesia because the stone they were planning to blast was gone….here is the story.

Two stones remained in the kidneys according to the scan and additional ones appeared to be forming, but the prayers continued to be offered for my complete healing.  The people offering the prayers were given visions about my healing and the healing blood of Jesus flowing thru my kidneys to dissolve the stones.  I also received a prayer from someone who was given a vision of the blood in my body being full of the oxygen and nutrients it needed to work properly and cleanse my body of the things causing these problems.

The week after the ct scan, I attended a conference where additional prayers for healing were offered on my behalf.  I made sure that in an atmosphere of healing, I didn’t miss any opportunity to be prayed for.  I knew that the scan had shown the stones to still be in the kidneys after the initial prayers and was still believing Him for additional healing.

I returned from the conference and proceeded to do the lab work that the doctor ordered to determine why these stones were forming in the first place.  So today, I went for the appointment pain-free believing that the work that God began was continuing.  I went expecting that the lab work was going to come back clear and the doctor was not going to have an explanation for the stones because whatever had been causing them in the first place was going to have been healed.


Yes!!!  THAT is exactly what happened!  I went for the appointment and the doctor read thru the results, wrote some notes and said the results were not consistent with causing kidney stones because everything was at the right levels. One or two things were a bit off, but not enough to be causing the number of kidney stones I had.  He just didn’t have an explanation.  🙂

I do!  My PHYSICIAN healed me.

I go back in 6 months for a x-ray of my kidneys because the doctor wants to see what’s going on with them.  I’ll be back then with Part 3!  🙂


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