Music Monday: Well…I did Ask!

I can’t decide if I want to begin this post with the revelation or the scripture that fell in my lap as I was praying this morning.  Yes, it literally fell out of my bible and into my lap….it is on a bookmark that a friend of mine gave me.  😉

I love receiving revelation from God.  I love opening my Bible and talking to Him about what He wants me to see as I’m reading.  I’ve been asking Him for more revelation about my life, about my kids, about my marriage, about my friendships…you get the point.  I’ve been trying to be intentional about including Him in EVERYTHING.  I haven’t always done that.  I’ve managed to live a relatively good life with Him in certain parts of it and not others.  I’ve managed fairly well keeping Him confined to certain times of the day.  Well, that doesn’t really work forever…especially not when you begin to seek a relationship with Him.  It doesn’t work too well when you want to hear His voice.  It doesn’t work too well when you want to be where He is…all the time.

So, I’ve been asking Him for revelation…

Watch out if you decide to do that…

It is a great thing to do, but it does have consequences…

If you ask Him questions and then really listen, He may tell you some things that you hadn’t really expected.  He may point some things out in your life that need to change.  It could be that all those things that irritate you aren’t really THOSE things.  It could be you are the irritation.  He may show you things you were aware of on some level, but then take you a bit deeper than your mind could have gone on its own.  He does have the market on spiritual things, you know!

I’ve been on a journey for a closer walk with Him.  That journey has taken me to a place where I needed to hear from Him about some things in my life that are…well…a bit messy.  That happens when He isn’t in every part of your life.  That happens when you don’t give Him complete control of all of it.  That happens when you try to control it.  That just happens because we live in a fallen world.


That’s a good thing, right?

Don’t we teach our kids to have self-control?  Aren’t parents supposed to control their kids?  Isn’t much of the world in a tail spin because people are so out of control?  If there is a problem don’t we look to someone to take control of the situation if we can’t?

This morning I was reading over a list of things that people place above God…idols.  None of us want to be found guilty of THAT…exalting someone or something to a higher place than God.  Before I read this list, I had asked Him to show me if there was anything I was placing ahead of Him in my life.  Um, I’ll be honest, more than one thing was highlighted for me on that list.  Yikes!  Thankfully He is gracious and loving and kind and good and FORGIVING.  Yes, He is a jealous God, but He is forgiving and kind and shows us things so that we have an opportunity to turn around.  You do that with your kids, right?  Teach them the error of their ways so they can live a better life than the one they are headed into without your guidance?  He just does it much more effectively than I do.

What were my idols?  Eh, most of them are between me and Him…uh…well…all of them are BETWEEN me and Him.  Anyways, I will share one that caught me off guard as being an idol.  I already knew this thing was working against me.  I already knew this tendency wasn’t really accomplishing the things I was using it for.


What?  Control is an idol?  How could that be?  Control is a good thing…just look at the definition…

con·trol  (kn-trl)

tr.v.con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trols

1. To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.
2. To adjust to a requirement; regulate: controlled trading on the stock market; controls the flow of water.
3. To hold in restraint; check: struggled to control my temper.
4. To reduce or prevent the spread of: control insects; controlled the fire by dousing it with water.
Hmmm…what is an idol?

i·dol  (dl)


1.a. An image used as an object of worship.

b. A false god.
2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.
So if an idol is a false god and something that is adored blindly or excessively, how is control an idol?  How am I placing that above God?
Um, well, am I allowing God to guide me in my interactions with my peeps or am I trying to control the circumstances so that everything works out the way I think it should?  Am I trusting Him to watch over and protect and guide my children, or am I trying to control every last possible circumstance to protect them from their failures?  Do I place more faith and hope in my plans and actions and ability to control things than I do His ability to protect and guide and lead?  Do I place more faith in my own abilities to control myself than His ability to transform me?  Do I have more faith that I can control what my children believe about God than His ability to guide them safely into a relationship with Him?  Oh…that one hurt a bit!
So, what am I supposed to do with that?  Aren’t there things that I need to control?  Aren’t there things that God has placed me in charge of that I have a RIGHT to control?  Doesn’t He expect me to take control of my life and the people that He has placed under my care?  All those questions were rumbling around when this verse fell out of my bible and into my lap…
“The Lord will fight for you; You need only be still.” – Exodus 14:14
I am tempted at this point to go in search of some other worthy scriptures to go with the thoughts in this post.  I think I’ll just stick with the one He gave me…and give all those people and circumstances I think I need to control to Him.  I think I’ll turn from placing my ability to control…anything…ahead of His protection and provision and guidance and counsel and….

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