The Whole Enchilada

Have you ever thought about what it means to place your WHOLE life in His hands?  I think it’s pretty easy to think about placing our current circumstances in His hands (sometimes easier to think about than do) and even consider what it means to place our future in His hands, but what about the past?  What about the things you remember that you wish you didn’t?  What about the things you did that you wish you hadn’t? What about the things you don’t remember that you are sure affect you somehow to this day?  What about the things from your past that you need to be healed or delivered from that you can’t quite put a finger on, but you know they are there? You know, those things that cause you to react or overreact to a current circumstance in a way that is less than His best for you or those around you. What about those generational things that you know you are passing on to your kids because you see them do or say something that you really wish didn’t remind you of that thing you wrestle with? What would it mean to REALLY give those things to Him? What would it mean to really trust Him to handle those things? What if we really believed He was coming to our rescue just because we called out to Him?

I’ve been thinking about the times in my life that I have called out to Him and He has answered. He has been extremely faithful in answering me EVERY time…even when I didn’t think He had. He has been faithful to shift something deep inside my heart each time I have approached Him in faith. He has redeemed my life and rescued me so many times as I look back. He really does have my WHOLE life under control. He knows how the parts of the past have combined to bring me to today. He knows how my today with affect my tomorrow. He knows the beginning of the book and all the pages in between and has already read the last chapter. Why wouldn’t I trust Him with the WHOLE thing?

There is a lot of peace in knowing the Prince of Peace knows the WHOLE story…every little detail!


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