Eating makes me hungry

Have you ever noticed that if you skip breakfast, you aren’t nearly as hungry by lunch as you are if you actually eat breakfast?  No, well that is what happens to me.  If I eat breakfast you can bet I am going to be starving before lunch.  If I skip it, somehow I’m not.  I don’t know why that happens that way.  I haven’t done any research to see if there is some scientific reason for it.

It does have me wondering…..

What happens if I start my day with Him?  Am I more likely to think of Him later in the day than if I skip Him until noon?  If I spend time in His word, does it make me hungry for more? If I praise and worship Him does that fuel the desire to spend even more time doing those things?

I was listening to a song today that was refreshing to my soul and it was this line that made it so…

“I wanna walk with You in the cool of the day!”

I wonder if there is something about walking with Him first thing that drives our hunger for more the rest of the day?

Just wondering….



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