Falling in Love with Him thru His kids…all of them!

Hi there blog world!  It sure is good to see you again!  I’ve missed you!  I took a week off to focus my thoughts and energy at Voice of the Apostles in Orlando, Florida and another week to ponder all of the things I saw and heard while I was there.  It was an incredible week in Florida.  It was another week of continuing revelation after I returned home.  I’m ready to go back, but first I must continue to soak in the things I received and find out what God has for me to do with what He gave me.  It was an experience like none other I have ever had.  I won’t even try to put it in words…there would be too many and most of them would fall short or be misunderstood.  Most of what He gave me that week was of a very personal nature.

I will say that I LOVE the diversity of His people.  The more I get to know people outside my particular brand, the more I fall in love with Him.  I love the people in the brand I grew up in.  There are some incredible sons and daughters of the King in that brand.  What I am finding out is that there are incredible sons and daughters of the King all over this planet in all sorts of places…inside and outside any one particular brand.  I hope the term “brand” isn’t offensive to anyone.  I’ve just learned that there are so many rich things to learn about God that can’t be found in any one box.  They can only be found when looking at a much bigger picture.  They can only be found in the richness of the diversity of those He inhabits.  Just look at all the characters in the Bible…talk about diversity.  Look at all the people on this planet who are made in His Image.  He didn’t clone us and yet we are ALL made in His image.  His image must be pretty incredible if we all fit within it.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see more of You each time I open my eyes to the world of those around me who love you and worship you differently than me.  Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to your incredible love and power.  Please continue to open my eyes and my heart to more of You and your love and power and goodness.  There is so much more…



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