Music Monday: Stay Tuned

Tonight was a family night with just one of the family missing.  Emily got to pick where to eat and the movie.  She gets to pick dinner every time if it means we get to eat things like Snuffer’s cheese fries….yum!   Unfortunately, the movie pick was a bust.  She picked Grown Ups 2.  I never saw Grown Ups.  She tells me they should have stopped with one just like they should have stopped at one with Mean Girls.  Some shows just aren’t made for sequels.

As a matter of fact…most things shouldn’t have sequels.  If it was really great the first time around…it is never the same again.  If it was really bad….well….why would we go there again.

I’ll try for dinner and a movie night with that girl again…I did like it enough for a sequel, but next time…it’s my turn to pick the movie.

Stay tuned for Tune Tuesday…Monday just flew by too fast to capture my thoughts and a tune!


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