I hope she didn’t forget anything!

I sit here at my computer with a happy camper in the other room trying to figure out how all of her stuff is going to fit in the one allotted suitcase.  I would be in there using my mad tetris skills to help her, but she kindly asked me to let her figure it out herself.  In the same conversation she told me she is happy about the no cell phone rule because that means I won’t be texting her.  Yikes…isn’t that taking this independence thing a little too far?  I think I was just told to back off….but she was very kind about it.

Well, I know where she gets it.  She IS a chip off the old block.

Does this mean my job is done?  Does this mean I can just sit back and let her take complete control of her life from this point forward?  It would be much easier that way…I think.

Complete control?


Of course not!

That will come soon enough!

I really doubt she has thought this one all the way thru.  Complete independence will be much more costly for her than she realizes.  I doubt she has considered food and housing and bills and a job to support her complete independence.


I am beaming with pride even though my pride has been bruised a little.  I want my girls to be independent.  I want them to be able to take care of themselves.  I want them to have enough confidence in their abilities that they can do things like pack their own bag for a week.  I love that she is confident enough to head off for a week of camp without a moment’s hesitation.

This girl has amazed me over the past year with her determination and confidence.  She has had more than one occasion to need to rise up and take bold steps into the unknown and she has.

Lord, thank you for this independent daughter you have given me.  Thank you for the things her independence teaches me.  Please bless her and mold her to use it for You.  Please teach her how much she still needs You…no matter how independent she becomes.  And bless her with an awesome week at camp full of fun and plenty of opportunities to fall in love with YOU!



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