Five Minute Friday: So Long Dr Pepper

I went to see my Chiropractor today.  Every time I go see him I fall in love with the way God has made the human body to work and function.  I go to a Chiropractor who practices Applied Kinesiology.  I am always amazed at how the different muscle groups and their strength and/or weakness can pinpoint an area of weakness in the body that needs some support.

Did you know you have a muscle in your leg that becomes weak when you have an issue with your kidneys?  Seriously.

It turns out sugar isn’t the only thing in Dr Pepper that is bad for me.  I always figured that one day I would be saying goodbye to my favorite beverage because I was no longer able to handle the sugar contents.  Well, it turns out, it isn’t doing much for my kidneys at the moment either, which also means it isn’t doing much for my bones.

I’m carrying around gravel caused by calcium deposits which is a direct result of an overabundance of a chemical I have been ingesting that is causing my body not to function properly.  Yikes!

The pain in my side is self-inflicted.

Goodbye Dr Pepper…I love me more than you!!



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: So Long Dr Pepper

  1. It’s hard to give up things we love, but it’s more important to love ourselves than something we don’t really need. Way to go Laurie!

  2. Joann says:

    You know, this is helpful to me, not because of the beverage but because of the leg/kidney connection. Makes huge sense to me right about now!

  3. I am so thankful that you found out something that is fixable. It will be annoying sometimes when you really miss it, but it will be worth it – like you said. I haven’t had sugar in seven months, and it sometimes really tough when you see sweets everywhere and yummy recipes on FB. Hang in there, Laurie. You have a strong mind for change.

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