Music Monday: Beneath the Surface

Today I have a lot running around in my mind and heart just under the surface.  I have a few questions I’ve been asking God and those questions seem to have opened a can of worms.  Ick!  What was that doing in there?  Where did those come from?  I have asked Him for some things.  I have asked Him to show me some things.  Be careful what you ask for.  The answers may be different from what you expected.  You may learn some things about yourself you didn’t know that you would rather have not known.  You may find that you even had yourself fooled in some areas of your life.  Or maybe you really didn’t have yourself fooled, you had just figured out a way to work around that thing and He doesn’t want you to have to work around it…He wants to get rid of it.

I started this post the same way I start all Music Monday posts…looking for music to fit what is on my mind. I have a heart that needs to be changed by God. I have a heart that needs to be healed. I have some things boiling under the surface of my life that need to be removed once and for all…before they infect those around me that I love.

I need a greater measure of belief and trust and hope and faith in the God that is bigger than the one I’ve put my hope in up to this point in my life. Oh, He is the same one I’ve always worshiped. He is the same one that has been there all my life. I just need to know Him better than I do. I need to trust His goodness more than I ever have. I need to believe Him, not just believe in Him….yes….there is a difference. You will find that out when you start asking Him the harder questions. You will find out if you believe Him or just believe in Him when you start reaching for more of Him and more of His promises.

When I look at that list of people of faith in the bible I see people who believed Him even when they couldn’t see Him. I see people who believed Him while they waited for the promises to be fulfilled… promises that took lifetimes and beyond to be fulfilled. Promises that we can see fulfilled in a few pages that took years to materialize.

I don’t know about you, but I like instant. I like to turn on the Keuriq and have hot water ready to make my coffee by the time I can get to the creamer and back. I like to drive thru a window and have my hamburger and fries ready before the song finishes playing on the radio station. I love the way homemade food tastes that has been lovingly prepared over time. I’m just happier when it is sitting in front of me ready to eat and someone else has lovingly prepared it.

It occurs to me I want my spiritual life to work the same way…fast and relatively easy. I want to see the results now. I want to see the changes overnight. I want immediate results. I want to know what I am doing is really going to work out in the long run…the long run. There it is…I don’t want a short run…I want a long run with Him…a very long run! I really won’t know how everything I am doing right now is going to work out in the long run unless I actually get there.

Last weekend I heard a preacher talk about a faith like a flower and one like an oak tree. I determined in that moment I wanted the faith like the oak tree because it is the greater, longer lasting faith. Well, it also takes a long time to develop. It grows thru many seasons and storms. It doesn’t get to its grand stature overnight…that is for sure.

So as I ask God to show me what is going on beneath the surface where I can’t see and often times don’t want to look, I’ll also ask for a greater measure of faith and hope and trust to believe He has a plan for all those things He is showing me that may take longer than a trip to the Sonic to deal with. And I’ll delight in the moments He prepares a tasty meal for me to sit and enjoy in a moments notice.



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