5 Minutes or so

Hello! The Sparky Blog Challenge seems to have received a spark. Yeah! It’s where I began this blog and where I’ve gotten to know some peeps I wouldn’t have an an opportunity to otherwise. I’m looking forward to seeing what fires are kindled by this new little spark.

Today the newest member of the challenge thru out a challenge…Five Minute Friday…and here I am writing for 5 minutes about what’s on my mind without any editing.

I set the timer for 6 minutes because I knew it would take a minute or so to get the app opened and running on this old 3G. I was right. My time is already almost up.

I should be in the Condo packing up to go home but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as sitting out here on the balcony pondering and chatting it up with y’all.

It’s been an overcast day spent on the beach. We likely all got more sun than we needed but what the heck, it’s the last day and we can rest out skin tomorrow in the car on the way home.

Home…I have had so much fun on this trip…I’m not really ready to go home just yet. Well, I don’t have to. I think I’ll just enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening. Surely it won’t take long to pack up in the morning or later tonight.

I better go get ready for dinner and a theatre production of Les Mis.

Oh…and I didn’t even get started on what I was thinking and the timer went off a good 10 minutes ago.


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