Thoughts from an Amateur Berry Picker


blueberryI learned a few things while picking blueberries this week…


A freezing atmosphere at the beginning of the growing season will stunt their growth and shorten their fruit bearing season.


The fruit does not all grow at the same rate…some berries were ripe and some where days from being ready…all on the same bush.


Although every bush was planted in the same soil and grown under the same sky at the same time, they were all in different stages of fruit readiness.


You had to get up close to the bush in order to see the fruit….at least where we were.


A week before we went to pick blueberries, I had been discussing another set of fruit with some friends.  That fruit was the fruit of the Spirit.  A question was raised regarding which of the fruits God was currently developing in each of our lives using the circumstances we each found ourselves in.  Each person had a different answer because of different sets of circumstances and different seasons.  It was a refreshing way to look at circumstances and the fruits of the Spirit.  It was nice to look at that long list and know that they are all being developed in me, but I don’t have to get them all perfect, right now!  It was good to see how a specific one could be highlighted for a specific circumstance.  It was fun to see how God uses the parts of our lives to develop specific qualities and strengthen us in our weaknesses or uphold us in our victories…all in His perfect timing.


A couple of nights before we picked the berries I had a dream about a lone blueberry bush with green berries on it.  We were in some sort of greenhouse and only one bush was producing fruit.  It was a small bush, but it had fruit.  As you can see from the picture above, blueberries aren’t really green at any stage, at least not the color of green in my dream. I’ve been pondering this dream and my observations from the blueberry farm and the way that God builds character and develops the fruits in our lives.


The dream was definitely about the fruit and the atmosphere and the stage of readiness of the fruit…


I could apply these thoughts to the fruit that God is developing in my life or the lives of those around me, including those living under my roof.  Fruit will grow best in a warm atmosphere…a cold, chilly atmosphere will only stunt its growth and shorten its fruitfulness.  Although we are all in the same atmosphere, our fruits are developing at different stages and need time to develop to the perfect ripeness before being picked.  If you want to see the fruit that is developing in someone’s life, you may need to get close to them and take a deeper look.  Just because the fruit isn’t ready for harvesting, doesn’t mean they aren’t producing fruit…it just needs more time.


Oh…and one more thing…the size of a blueberry does not necessarily determine it’s sweetness…so don’t go judging the quality of fruit by its size.



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