Thankful Thursday: Another Birthday!

I celebrated another year on this planet today.  It seems as though I have been celebrating this day for over a week.  I’ll take it!  It’s been a fun one.  I’ve enjoyed birthday dinners and movies and presents and cards…what’s not to love about that?  I’ve received a birthday blessing or two and always cherish those…they are winks from God.  I got to spend the day having fun with my two awesome daughters and they wanted to hang out with me…who could ask for more?  They thoughtfully added to my collection of blue birds…they are paying attention to what’s important to me.  I received a cd in the mail today that was supposed to have arrived weeks ago…nice touch God!

I sit here tonight grateful for another year, grateful for a loving, caring family, grateful for friends who wanted to celebrate my day and grateful for a loving God who fills each year with his blessings.

And for the record…well…the debate over just exactly what age is middle-aged is still up for debate…half of 100 is 50 and I am not 50…so…


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