Thankful Thursday: He Still Speaks!

I don’t know what you think about God or how He communicates, but I am convinced now more than ever that if you want to hear from Him, you can! Just ask Him something and then take the time to listen and pay attention. Ask Him something and then open your eyes and your ears and your heart to how He may be answering you.

If you don’t ask, you may never know. If you don’t listen, you may never hear. And I am here to tell you, you will be missing out on the best fun you will ever have if you miss hearing Him.

One day I may share some of the things He has been saying to me to get me fired up about hearing Him. Right now, I’m just basking in how His words are settling into my heart and soul. A few days ago, He said come closer if you want to hear me, so I did and He did not disappoint.

So, what are you waiting for…Ask Him…he has great answers!


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