There is ALWAYS more! Just look up!

If you have been raised with Christ, keep seeking things above, where Christ is… Set your mind on things above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Him. Col 3:1-3

This morning a friend of mine posted this scripture as her Facebook status and a whole different message jumped out at me from the one I know was intended by it…or maybe God can use one scripture to convey multiple meanings?  I know people take scripture out of context all the time to make a point they are trying to prove.  That isn’t what happened when I was skimming down the News feed.  I wasn’t proof texting anything.  I wasn’t looking for a scripture with a certain word to see what all I could find.  I was actually just scanning to see what everyone was up to this morning before I had to run out the door….and I haven’t been able to get this scripture out of my mind since.

I do understand that this scripture is talking about being raised with Christ from death to life, but that is not what struck me this morning.  What jumped out at me this morning was “If you have been raised with Christ, keep seeking things above, where Christ is.”  Okay, so you are probably a bit confused right now.  I just said that is not what struck me.  The specific word “raised” struck me differently this morning when I skimmed over this verse.  I immediately thought of my personal history of being raised going to a church.  I thought of being raised in a “Christian” environment.  I thought of being raised going to church on Sunday’s and Wednesdays.  I thought of being raised on all the “children’s” bible stories.

And the message I received in an instant was “don’t stop now”, “keep going”, “there is SO much more”.  If there wasn’t more to learn AFTER we have been raised with Him then why would there be a need to keep seeking things above.  Doesn’t the encouragement to keep seeking imply that just because we have been raised  with Him doesn’t mean we fully know all there is to know about Him and His Kingdom?  It tells me there is much more to learn.  This morning it was encouragement to continue on this path I am on to learn the deeper mysteries that are out there for me.  It was encouragement to me to never stop digging deeper or reaching higher.

Christ is my Savior.  I have given him my life.  I gave Him my life a long time ago.  It would be so easy to think that is all there is to it.  I’ve got my golden ticket now I can coast, but WAIT….THERE IS MORE…MORE for all of us.  There has to be or he wouldn’t have encouraged us to keep seeking.

So, if you know Him and you have known Him basically your whole life and you’ve gotten comfortable with what you know of Him, ponder on this verse a bit and see what fire it might be lighting in you to reach farther and deeper into His life for you on this side of eternity.  I don’t know about you, but it excites me to know I can keep seeking things above that are higher than the ones I’ve already learned about Him and his love.  It is encouraging to me to know He desires for me to know Him better than I did the day He made my salvation secure.  I really can have the best of BOTH worlds if I am willing to keep going.




One thought on “There is ALWAYS more! Just look up!

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