Trying to break the silence

Oh wow!  It has been close to two weeks since I’ve been on here to write.  Well, I’ve been on here to TRY to write a couple of times with no luck.  Hopefully I will be able to put a few thoughts together and get back on track.  I want to be on here writing something every day.  It makes me think deeper about the things running thru my head and the life around me.  It helps me put order to chaos.  It gives me a place to reflect.

I’ve been reflecting on many things over the past couple of weeks of silence on here…



Church life


Summer vacation

Old Friends

New Friends






With that list, I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’ve had nothing to write about.  Well, I can, but then I might be sharing too much.  😉  Perhaps some thoughts are better left in the pondering wheel until they have been sufficiently spun or released.

Well, I am back.  Tomorrow I will resurrect the Music Monday posts and see where to go after that.

Oh…maybe it would be fun to challenge myself by ending each post with a teaser for the next day.  Of course that would only work if I had a clue what I might have to say the next day…which I do today.

Tune in tomorrow for….a whisper.


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