How many pencils would a woodchuck chuck?

Ahhh! It is finished…until next time. The office is clean and everything has a place and is in it…well mostly. The closet is cleaned out and with the exception of a couple of things I poked in there that I just ran out of steam to deal with, it is good. I do have one more project in there that will make the room complete, but since it could really be in any part of the house, I’m going to call it done. All of my pictures are in the office and I really need to go thru and organize them. I need to copy all the pictures off the computers in that room onto zip drives and see what I’d like to have printed. I need to get some pictures of my girls hung up on the walls…other than school pictures. They used to be all over the wall, but when we painted and I got a bug to paint the frames they were in, well, they never got put back up and now I want to change out the pictures anyways.

I’ve cleaned out that closet many times. The closet holds all the things the girls do at school or elsewhere that I want to save. It also hold office supplies and games. As I was cleaning it out this time it occurred to me that most of what I was cleaning out was stuff that I had decided to keep the last time I was in there. What made this stuff valuable back then, but not this time around? I wonder how much of what I decided to keep this time will make the trash pile next time around? Is it valuable or isn’t it?

As I was cleaning out the craft bins and checking markers and pens, I had to wonder how many of these will be used between now and the next cleaning out. How many of them will sit in those bins and dry out only to be discarded later. I just can’t throw away a good marker even if we do have 10+ orange ones. I decided either the girls don’t use the color orange for much OR orange ink just outlasts other colors.

And how many pencils do we need? There are 4 people living in this house who communicate primarily by way of computer or some type of “i” device. Do we really need…now I’m curious…I AM going to go count those pencils…be right back. Oh! Better yet! Here is the bin…lets play the guessing game. How many pencils do you think are in this bin? The closest one gets a…free pencil!


I actually had some deeper thoughts that came to me as I was cleaning out and organizing and throwing away in that room, but I think I’m going to leave with this little contest.  Maybe I’ll blog the deeper thoughts another day or the next time I clean it out…because there will be a next time.  If you put things back in the closet that don’t really have a place but you just don’t feel like dealing with them they will be there when you return.  If you clean out all the old dried up stuff but don’t regularly use the good things that were put back in place of the old things, those too will eventually dry up and need to be discarded.  And some things just lose their value over time that we once found extremely valuable and those too have to be replaced in order to make room for the new.

Right now I think I’ll just enjoy my clean office where I can see both the desk top and the floor.  🙂


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