Mother’s Day 2013

These are the girls who call me Mom…over and over and over until I answer them! This was a little fun we had today as we celebrated Mother’s Day together. I love these two to pieces! My family spoiled me today as usual. We sat together and worshiped God to start the day and made it to the restaurant for brunch just in time to beat the crowds. After a nice LONG nap we went to the movies to see Iron Man 3. And tonight…I have time to relax into a book. 🙂

Although they were reluctant to join me in the photo booth, I think we had fun. I wouldn’t mind if we made this an annual event. I think it would be fun to watch us grow together as Mother and Daughters. God has a destiny for these two and I am looking forward to being their biggest cheerleader…although at 11 and 13 I have discovered I have to do it a little more discreetly than I realized. Apparently I am not quite as cool as I thought I would be when we got to this stage in life. LOL! It’s okay…I will be one day! I am sure of it! I am practicing my teenage photo-op faces…what’s not cool about that? Of course, figuring out exactly where the camera is obviously takes the skill of a teenager since she was the only one who found it in each and every photo.




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