A little snap, crackle and pop…and it wasn’t in my cereal!

What happens when you turn on the light? Darkness flees…right? Automatic…right? What if you turn on the light and something is faulty in the wiring? Let me just tell you…it’s not pretty. Well, unless you like fire shooting out of your bathroom fixtures first thing in the morning.  But…the light still pierced the darkness.  Of course…it was short-lived because…well…I didn’t want a full-blown fire to break out in the Wade house this morning.  Upon further inspection of the light fixture, it was discovered that the wiring was simply worn out.  It had become old and crusty.  It appears that the wiring into the house was fine.  It appears that the light bulbs were fine.  It appears that everything was properly installed and grounded.  Was there any warning that could have prevented this fire?  Well, not in the fixture that sparked this morning.  BUT!  The other fixture on the same wall has been shorting out for weeks.

It’s a bit interesting to me that I have been thinking a lot about walking in the light.  I’ve been thinking about what it is like in the spiritual realm when the light gets shined on the darkness.  I’ve been thinking about what the ramifications really are when we ask God to shine the light on something and He does.  Truthfully, I’ve begun to notice that when I ask Him to shine the light on something…it’s not always a pretty sight.  Sometimes there are things I didn’t want to see.  Sometimes I receive revelation from Him that I am not sure I was quite prepared for.  Of course, He thinks I am or He would have waited to reveal it.  He would have continued to protect me from it if it wasn’t time for it to be exposed.

When I began asking God for revelation about my life I was talking about something totally different from some of the things He has shown me.  When I began asking Him to shine His light into my circumstances I had something different in mind for what that would be.  I had a picture of rainbows and flowers and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Beautiful, calm perfect days on the white sandy beach and a perfect, step by step, flawless map of how to get to that tropical destination.  This morning I had plans to flip that light switch on and get ready for my day.


God began to shine the light and there have been moments of sparks and loud popping noises and smoke.  There have been some beautiful things revealed by His light, but there have been some ugly things too.  Things that have needed to be brought into the light…so they could be healed, so they could be repaired, so they could be removed and replaced with something new and better than the old, worn out thing with faulty wiring.  Things that if left in the dark would potentially lead to destruction.  It’s not always pretty when you start seeing things, really seeing things that need His healing touch.  It’s not always pretty when you see things in your heart or the heart of a loved one that you didn’t know was there…or hoped you could ignore a while longer.

I wonder now if we had paid attention to that other light if we would have discovered the faulty wiring sooner.  We are thankful to God we were home when this happened.  I am thankful it didn’t happen on a day I had left that light on and walked to another part of the house.  I am thankful it happened right as I turned the light on so it could be turned off quickly enough to avoid a full-blown house fire.  I am thankful for the resources to replace the old fixtures with new ones that work just like they are supposed to.  I am thankful for a handsome fella that can do that kind of handy work around the house! 🙂

AND!!  I am thankful God reveals BOTH the good and the bad to us if we trust Him.  Thank God he is faithful to shine his light on both the things we want to see and the things we don’t want to see.  Thank God he gives us opportunities to see and repair things we may have been ignoring and provides us the resources and skills to do whatever it takes to move into a better light.



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