There is a Rainbow coming!

Destin2012 172I found myself thinking about vacation a few days ago…and hoping it rains when we are there.  Did I mention we will be at the beach?  I know sunshine is the optimal weather for a beach vacation.  Yes, I want plenty of that while we are there too.  In fact, that is what I mostly would like.  BUT!  If we don’t get any rain, we don’t get our vacation rainbow and I have really gotten used to that treasured vacation memory over the past few years.  We got one in Boston, Orlando and Destin.

Life is like that too…you don’t get a rainbow without a little rain.  Is it raining near you?  Open your eyes and look up…you don’t want to miss your rainbow!!


2 thoughts on “There is a Rainbow coming!

  1. Lisa says:

    Um…it’s raining, yes. But it’s also nighttime. 😉

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